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There are specific techniques for effective speech writing. According to Jane Tully, a professional speechwriter, there are three basic steps. Jane Tully compares speechwriting to food, saying without the three basic steps or basic recipes you won't have an effective speech or a nice meal.

The first step or recipe in effective speechwriting is to know whose coming. Size matters, the smaller a group the more they pay attention and it is easier to make eye contact. The larger a group the easier a person could drift off. You want to try and make your audience stay interested for example, visual support, stories, and humor would make a big difference than if you were just standing and talking. Keep it moving and keep it short, make sure you remember the age range of your audience. For example, young people's humor and elder's humor are different, jokes elders would enjoy, teens would not.

The second step or recipe in effective speechwriting is to have the best ingredients. According to Jane Tully, if you want to write an effective speech it is the same as making a good dinner. It is best to experiment with recipes and to add an exotic twist to it. If you want to add an exotic twist to it, it would have to be something that you would not find anywhere else. It is worth going out your way. For example, Perry Wingle wanted to save a tropical rainforest from being cut down. So he did a lot of research and found out that a plant growing in the forest was saving about 95% of children's lives with Leukemia. If he didn't take the time to research, the tropical rainforest would not be there any more.

The third step or recipe in effective speechwriting is to...