Essay on Betrayal: 'Rats in the Ranks' 'Maestro', 'Anthony and Cleopatra', 'Gladiator'

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'Maestro', 'Anthony and Cleopatra', 'Gladiator' and the letter to the editor each present the effects of betrayal and guilt in their own effective way. Their effects of betrayal and guilt rang from, changing your personal identity, suicide, the pain it causes the person who has been betrayed and the result of not being able to trust anyone.

'Maestro' is written by Peter Goldsworthy and is a memoir of Paul Crabbe. Not only do we find out much about Paul, but also his piano teacher, Eduard Keller, the 'Maestro'. As each section unfolds further information about his past in unravelled.

Keller was a famous pianist from Vienna, who's family were killed by the Nazis during the war, as they were Jewish. Keller trusted the Nazis and it was for this reason they were taken away, therefore he blames himself for their death. "'You must understand.' he said. 'I knew these people.

These murderers, I signed their concert programmes.' Using such detail in explaining what happened to Paul, we can understand how well Keller knew the Nazis. He feels as if he has betrayed his wife and son, yet he tries to explain why he did.

After their death, Keller moves to the opposite side of the world, Darwin, a place that completely contrasts with Vienna. He does this to run away from his guilt and re-invents himself. Paul finds this out when he is in Europe, after visiting an old friend of Keller's. He describes Keller in a completely different way to what Paul knew, 'perhaps his Keller had died long before mine was born.' The effects of betrayal and guilt are effectively presented, showing the drastic changes it had on his life after being so overwhelmed by guilt.

'Anthony and Cleopatra' is a Shakespearian play...