This essay is a biography about Alexie Romanov who was the last tzar of russia.

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Alexei Romanov

Alexei Nicholaevich Romanov was the Last heir of Russia. When he was born on 1904, the entire country rejoiced. Everyone had waited for more than ten years, after the birth of the czar's first four children who were all girls, for an heir. The family's celebration was tragically ended six weeks after his birth. It was discovered by the family's physician, Dr. Botkin that Alexei suffered from Hemophilia. This incurable disease stops the blood from properly clotting.

Because of his disease, precautions were taken by the family to prevent any accidents from occurring. Their priority was Alexei's health. Doctors were present at all times. Two sailors, Nagorny, and Derevenko, where assigned to take care of him. They would help him reach things so he wouldn't have to climb and risk falling. They would catch him if he was about to fall. Another thing was decided by the Royal Family.

They would keep his disease out of the public. To The Russians, he was an heir they could trust in to replace his father when the time came. When Alexei would sporadically be out of the public's eye because of his disease, no questions were asked since no one knew of his disease.

Alexei traveled with his father during wartime in order to give a moral boost to the troops. Even though he was allowed to travel his caretakers Nagorny and Derevenko always closely watched him. Alexei experienced several close to death experiences in his life because of his disease. Though none of these events killed him they left his family shaken. When one of these events occurred he looked as if he was sure to die a man named Rasputin came along and miraculously healed him. Rasputin ended up becoming a close friend of the czars and Alexei's...