The essay is a biograpy on the life of George Washington, and some of his accomplishments.

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George Washington was bon in a small town landmark that his father owned in Westmoreland Country, Virginia on 22 February 1732. He was the first president of the United States of America and one of the key reasons why the United States of America is still around today. George Washington was a magnificent leader.

George Washington got most his education at home from his father Augustine Washington, but when his father died in 1743 his oldest half brother Lawrence was left to teach him. George grew up has a strong adolescent man. Who flourished in outdoors sports, liked music, theatrical performances, he was a little petrified of young women. Lawrence told his brother George many war stories. These stories made George very interested in war.

In 1752 George's half brother Lawrence died. Soon after his decease. George acquired the beautiful land Mount Vernon in Fairfax County on of six farms held by the Washington family.

Lawrence had held the adjutant (major) in the colonial military. George Washington seemed to have the confidents inside himself that he could make a good adjutant (major) at the age of only twenty (20). Even though he had no military experience. In November 1752 he was named adjutant (major) of the southern district of Virginia by Governor Robert Dinwiddie.

The Virginia government was alarmed by reports that a French mission from Canada was establishing posts on the headwaters of the Ohio River and trying to make treaties with Native American's. So Governor Robert Dinwiddie wrote a letter to the French commander. George Washington was looked to carry this letter to the French and come back with a message from the French commander. The reply was polite and not what the Virginia governor wanted to hear. This was a dangerous journey for the adjutant (major).