An essay on Black Boy by Richard Wright. The impact of hunger in Richard's life. Five quotes from the novel included with page references.

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Black Boy by Richard Wright is a heartbreaking story (an autobiography) about boy Richard and his hard life. Richard was constantly fighting for food, freedom, peace, clothes, comfortable life and he was fighting against racism. He didn't have food throughout his life. His clothes were shabby and he constantly moved which sort of messed up his schooling. He loved reading and learning new things. Richard was a real fighter. He never gave up. He worked hard to make his dreams come true. He decided to go to the North and he worked hard for it. He took care of his family and brought them with him to the North when he was only eighteen years of age.

Throughout his life he had learned that only hard and honest work could help make his dreams come true. He was proud. He didn't let people humiliate him even when he felt dreadful hunger.

He learned how to move out of way when white people are present but he kept his dignity.

Basically Richard grew up without parents and that's what made his personality be like it was. His father wasn't a role model for him; he left him when Richard was only seven. Everybody in his family, except his mother, put him down, but he was brave enough to fight back. He definitely defeated people's ideals of what a "n_____" is supposed to do

This book is beautifully written. It shows what black people went thru in 1900's in South. It taught me a lot about life and showed struggles people went thru back then. I believe that childhood affects on people's personality and Richard was an evidence.


1. "When the neighbors offered me food, I refused, already ashamed that so often in my life I had to be fed by...