This essay was about the book "The Advertures of Huckleberry Finn".

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Including the miss adventures of the Duke, the King,

and "The Royal Nonesuch"

The Duke and the King in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn have created a rather large scheme to swindle some town's people out of money. The Duke and the King have put together a play called "The Royal Nonesuch" that consisted of parts of different Shakespearian plays.

For example, the Duke and the Kings' play did not draw as much attention as they hoped; so to catch the towns' people's eye they printed a handbill that read that two "World-Renown" actors were putting on a play and that " Ladies and Children Not Admitted". The duke and the King knew that if they made the play seem so superior that only men could attend that every man in town would attend. Even though some of the people knew how bad the play was they still attended hoping for something grand, but were disappointed again.

In addition, the third night of the play there was a full audience, but only because the audiences from the two previous nights have come to seek revenge for allowing the Duke and the King to trick them into seeing the awful play twice. After the audience paid to enter. The Duke, King, Huck, and Jim snuck off downstream on the raft with over four hundred dollars. It is amazing that the town's people are so oblivious to reality to allow themselves to be swindled three times. It is as if these people have no sense from what is real and what is a lie; they seem to trust every person that walks into their life. It make ones self-wonder, are we really that gullible, if someone wrote a book about are lives would each one of us...