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Essay on the book of charles darvin "The Voyage of the Beagle"

When I took "The Voyage of the Beagle", which was rather old, a bit worn and with yellow pages as I borrowed it from a public library, I felt like I was going to read some sort of a diary. And it turned out that it really was one, the diary that changed people's lives once and forever. I opened the book and the same time I opened the door to the wonderful world of adventures, new discoveries, human heroism, thirst for knowledge and even obsession. It is like a time window which also immerses you in the era of shipbuilding and navigation.

Darwin's writing is very readable, understandable and enjoyable. Though the book is of a historical and scientific value, and was written almost two centuries ago, it is very easy to follow.

When you are reading this book you cannot but think that Darwin was insatiable for discovery and exploring. Sometimes it took him three pages to describe this or that animal, its actions and colours. He goes into so much details I felt like I had seen them myself.

The book is simply incomparable in every respect, you even feel yourself a member of their ship team. Me personally, I lived every moment with Charles. And the most striking fact (at least for me) is that Darwin was in his early twenties when he started his journey and spent five years at sea. Clearly one has to be genius to make it and to propose the theory of evolution afterwards. Young and passionate Darwin discovered and documented many local details and people's customs that now disappeared, his gave very detailed observations on the geology and ecology of many places, descriptions of...