This is an essay called "The Peach Tree" which is a story about a personal epiphany like one found in the writings of James Joyce.

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The Peach Tree

By: Chris Graham

For some people, sitting around a home during the summer playing video games is a blast. Maybe for some, but in my opinion, their lives are just going around in circles. I believe that a person's life is determined by the things that they do and the actions that they take. And for a lucky few, some experiences are so extraordinary that their lives actually make a dramatic turn around. I had just such an experience a couple of summers ago. I know for a fact that it made me a totally different person. A group of students from my French class, including our French teacher went to Paris, France. He introduced us to a whole other world that I had never dreamed existed. My horizons were expanded and I grew a new appreciation for this alien nation.

Taking my first step off the plane and into the smoke filled terminal felt like diving into a massive sea of blind folded bodies.

People were running around and calling out to other people, screaming their names, and trying to get from one place to another without getting lost. We were introduced to a tour guide who was tall and skinny, had messy curly hair, bottle cap glasses, and talked like Kermit the Frog. This man went by the name of...Jeff. Without Jeff's help, and the little bits of French that I knew, I would have been just as blind and lost as those people who were bumping into me. At first everything, for the most part, seemed the same as in the United States save a couple of minor differences in the currency and the vending machines.

As the days rolled by, I grew more and more accustomed to the ways and practices of the...