This essay is called "Seven Days in a Week" and is about the school board's consideration of whether or not to extend the school time in days. This essay is in letter form.

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Dear Editor,

Imagine that it is a Friday and that you are relieved to be able to sleep in tomorrow morning. Then, the loud speaker comes on and it announces a reminder saying, "See you tomorrow! Remember, we have changed the school week for the rest of the year!" You instantly recall that a new rule had been passed in the Board of Education. You remember all of the depressing notices mailed to your home. You had hoped the rule changed before Friday, but your hopes are dashed in sudden misery. You groan with disappointment.

I think that extending the school week will create many conflicts, such as not being able to relax during the weekend, not being able to have a social life, and might even lower test scores. Do you want uneducated children?

Relaxation and rest are essential to ease the mind and create a physically and mentally healthy body.

Most teenagers already do not get enough sleep everyday. I have even overheard that someone catches up on his sleep over the weekend. Stress is very common among teenagers. They must get ready for exams or other tests. The weekend could help them study for their study, but having a six-day school week will deprive them of better grades. Teachers also need relaxation and rest. If they were in school on Saturday teaching students, then all of their work would be pushed into Sunday, which might even cause them to become irritable on Mondays. Do you want children sleeping in school and teachers being cranky?

A social life is also important for teenagers. Once no one has time to do anything else, a social life would cease to exist. Friends and family would be made to become strangers through no communication. If you want to be fully healthy,