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The career that I want more than anything is to be a writer. I know there is not another career

that I would ever chose, because if I failed as a writer, my life wouldn't have been worth it. The

only other option would be something meaningless, or minimum wage, while I worked as a


The abilities needed for this job are a basic grasp of the English language, perseverance,

being able to work alone, and knowledge of the world. The schooling that would be best for this

career is probably at least a bachelor's degree. Work settings for writers are usually very flexible

and can vary a lot. There is medium to low social contact and is indoors.

Schedules may be flexible, typical activities include organizing ideas and facts, revising

text, get information needed, make decisions, and solve problems. I think that I am definitely

going to be a writer, if it's for a newspaper or magazine, or a novelist, hopefully the second of

the two.

There are many different things a writer can do. The annual salary can be around

$25,995, which is enough to live on. Highschool preparation can include word processing, note

taking, creative writing, sciences, journalism, English, and foreign language.

Being a writer is what I will be, and I know I qualify for this job, everybody does, but just

those of us who chose to pursue it can actually make a career out of it. It is a very rewarding

career, and I believe creative writing is just as much a form of art as paintings or drawings (not

this kind of writing). Decent income, low social contact, expressing ideas, that is definitely the

career for me.