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Change: - Telecommunications and computers

The way people communicate

Exchange information

Continuity: - Values, customs, attitudes of people don't change.

Remain the same even in the face of change


Turning upside down or complete change

In the way people think/ Government/ Ownership of property/ Values, belief of society

Basic aim- to destroy the past- build a new society based on a vision of what the new order should be.

Violent, sudden overthrow of an existing system- replacing it with a new political, social and economic order

Agricultural Revolution

Agrarian- of the land/ agricultural

Agricultural Revolution (1760 onwards) entailed:

Increase in agricultural production

Majority of land was rural

Everybody involved in agricultural activities

Most of land owned by wealthy aristocrats

Important in Britain- had to feed nation- little was imported

1700ís population began to expand rapidly- farming methods changed

On Arable land- 3 Field system was used

Farming began to become profitable- farmers experimented with new methods

War lead to a greater demand for wheat

Britain imported wheat cheaply

Demand increased- supply dwindled

End of Napoleonic wars- government increased the corn laws

Protected British Farmers against competition

Imposed high tariffs on wheat- guaranteed large profit

1784- 1914 agriculture went into decline

Wet patches led to grain loss and sheep to die.

Industrial Revolution

Rural- in the country

Urban- in the city

Industrial Revolution

Britain over 2 centuries

Aspects of society affected

Population expanded rapidly- people moved to towns to find work

Farming techniques changed- new machinery

Trade grew rapidly

Overseas trade grew rapidly due to colonization

Transportation & communication improved

Migration- movement of people from one place to another

Urbanization- process where an area is turned into town/ city

Protest and Challenge


Boycotts- refuse to work/ participate in something you donít support

Petitions- written form, signed by many people...