The essay is on Charles Dickens' novel, "A Tale of Two Cities". It describes the theme, "People must retore into a new life by sacrificing, instead of follwing the path of hatred and murder."

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Restored Into a New Life

The ever so popular novel, The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, takes place in France and England during the seventeen hundreds at the start of the French Revolution. While nobles are savoring the bountiful, rich life peasants roam the streets hungry and homeless. Some of the nobles' selfish and apathetic behaviors cause them to abuse their power to punish and adulterate the lives of the destitute. As the outcome, anger and vengeance grow in the hearts of the people affected by them. To express their detestation they form groups of revolutionaries to overthrow the higher class and monarchy. The two classes cause pandemonium and confusion making many people loose their faith spiritually to turn towards fury, hostility, and loathing. To free themselves from the murder and pain, the peasants, nobles, and the people must learn how to renew themselves with better morals and understanding through self- sacrifice.

The revolutionaries, the people opposing the upper class, act upon their hatred by killing the nobles. The revolutionaries believe the only way to release them from the pain is to take on the act of revenge towards the people who made their friends or family members suffer. In the novel, Madame Defarge, the wine vendor's wife, is shadowed by the memory of her brother's and sister's demise caused by the Marquis Twin brothers. The Marquis twins had tortured and murdered Madame Dafarge's family which deeply scarred her emotions. Over the years she abhorred the Marquis twins, the relatives, and all of those who hurt the peasants. When the French Revolution came, she violently annihilated many of the nobles who were found guilty without giving them any clemency. She beheaded many guilty lives by sentencing them to the guillotine and slaughtered many others by shedding their...