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Child labor

There is a big problem with child labor in today's world. There are two million children ranging from ages 4 to 16, who are forced to work. These children find work in textile mills, mines, glass factories, canneries and sweatshops. Jobs are needed so badly that kids can get fired from one job and find another job in a few hours.

Many kids have to work because their families need the money for food and clothing. The bosses the kids work for don't care about the child's safety. All the bosses care about are the profits of their business. They are very strict towards the kids. They don't allow any talking and they don't give the kids breaks to play or rest. The kids have to work 10 to 12 hour days. Since the kids have to work so long, they are not able to get a proper education.

So when the kids are adults they won't be able to get a good job.

They are getting paid very little money, they only make 60 cents to a dollar a day. The kids have to work six days a week. That means they work about 70 hours of hard labor in one week.

The jobs the kids work at are very dangerous. In a Steel Mill, Pittsburgh, 195 children workers died in just one year. In mines kids die and get seriously injured in cave-ins and explosions. Bobbin boys fall into the machines, the

machines mangle the child's body. Breaker boys backs hurt from bending down all day and their fingers are cut and bruised from the coal. The working conditions the kids work in are also very dangerous. The kids develop chronic cough and lung damage in mines. In glass factories the rooms can reach temperatures as...