This essay is a child observation project, the format used is APA, which is the standard format for many social sciences class.

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For the purposes of this observation the child observed will be referred to as Jake. The differences in time spent with Jake by students of the University of Alaska Southeast student housing community were observed and recorded for this study. Jake was observed for increments of two hours daily for one week. During this observation the amount of time individuals spent carrying, playing, or interacting with Jake was recorded as well as the individual's age and gender. Individuals who spent less then 2 minutes with Jake were excluded from this study as well as Jake's family members and other primary care givers. The purpose of this study was to determine which category of people spent the most time interacting with Jake. Individuals observed with Jake were placed into two categories based on age and gender (see figure 1). Three categories labels were created to describe the type interaction between individuals and Jake, these categories are: playing, carrying, and verbal interaction.

Also some basic experiments were preformed to determine Jake's level of development.

Figure 1

Child Observation Study

The significance of this was to determine which gender spent the most time interacting with Jake during a given week. The researcher also wanted to determine if the different types of interaction by males and females has had any effect on Jake's development. It is the hypothesis of the examiner that Jake would have a more advanced level of development due to the increased amount of time spent interacting with a wide variety of individuals representing both sexes. Jake's physical development is in line with the majority of children his age. At 6 months Jake is able to roll over, sit up with self-support, and is able to move around by rolling. Jake's motor skills have developed to were he is able...