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Child Rearing Practices:

A relationship between a parent and a child begins the day the child is born. First, the child has many powerful gifts to offer to his parents. His unqualified love, absolute trust, emotions and thrill to discover revolves all around the parents from the day he is born. As the parent, you have many gifts to offer your child in return. Some are subtle, but all are very powerful. Giving them will make you a good parent. Receiving them will help your child become a healthy, happy, capable individual. Your unconditional love, self-esteem, values and traditions, joy, health, secure surroundings and skills will help your child grown into a healthy adult someday.

Many parents know a lot more about parenting than they give themselves credit for. You spent years observing your own parents and other families. All your instinctive responses will help you be a giving parent.

In today's society things have become very complex when raising children. Sometimes parents benefit by education from pediatricians and other parents. They are concerned and interested in helping when issues may seem frustrating. As you receive advice remember that some is valuable but not all of it. One of the ways to protect your child is from advice that may not suit your need or family. You will know what is best for you and your child and what works!

One of the ways your child shows you her love is by imitating you. This is also a way she learns how to behave, develop new skills, and take care of herself. From a very early age she watches you and shows this through her behavior. Your examples become permanent images, which will shape her attitude and actions the rest of her life. Setting a good example for your...