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Media Log Entry Number 2

Theme: Media and Communication

"Children of A Lesser God" (The Film)

"Children of A Lesser God" (The Film)

The 1986 romantic film, "Children of A Lesser God", was directed and written by Randa Haines and Mark Medoff, respectively. The enchanting love story's title was taken from the 12th chapter of Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Idylls of the King". The movie revolved around two characters: James Leeds, a speech teacher who falls in love with Sarah, a deaf custodian who also works in the school Mr. Leeds teaches in. Award winning actress, Marlee Martin, played the role of the mysterious custodian and is, in fact, deaf in real life. The story shows the difficulties and challenges a man and a deaf woman have in communication.

Despite their differences, the teacher and the custodian find themselves falling deeply in love with each other. This one-of-a-kind film journeys the viewer to a first-hand experience of how the deaf, nowadays, feel and how important communication is.

As I was researching for a form of media that talked about communication on the Internet, I passed by this love story that captured my attention right away. Having an actual deaf actress play the role of the deaf beauty was just mind-blowing. I then realized how the word "disabled" was somehow a false label. The deaf, the blind, the mute, the handicapped and the like are more than able to do and accomplish what we can.

People often confuse communication for mere talking and hearing. It is, however, the act of transferring information from one place to another. The film excellently exemplifies how communication can both create gaps and...