This essay is about clutter, and how it play into the scheme of our everyday life - for better or for worse.

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The Clutter War

Clutter is a thing so sneaky that it slides into

every home across the world. Slowly it consumes your desk

and work place; then your kitchen or bedroom go next, and

before you know it, your entire living quarters are taken

up with worthless clutter. Clutter is an enemy to all, we

are fighting a never ending keep our lives

simple, and free of hassle.

Clutter started back in the days of the

depression. Funds were scarce so people took, and kept,

anything and everything that they could find. Even after

the depression ended, people felt that maybe the worthless

amount of things they had collected, might just be needed

later on in life. Therefore the one and only parent to

thank for the clutter is depression. Clutter has

transcended throughout generations, breaking all barriers,

and infecting all of those around.

Clutter is a parasite, populating empty spaces

until they cannot be cluttered any further, moving on to

find another rift or void.

To this day I find even myself

removing clutter from a space in order to work, in turn

littering yet another already chaotic place around me.

This trait no doubt was given to me by ancestors that

lived in the days of the depression. I, too, have many

things without any real value, but the sentimental value

continues to be priceless.

In conclusion, the world is a jungle gym of junk,

and we...we are the junk monkeys; doomed by this

imperfection. So as the war rages on between us and the

clutter, only time will outflank the wretchedness of this

certain evil. Until that time, be patient and wait, see

through the frantic mess, and don't get caught up in

disarrangement of life.