This is an essay about how community service should not be a college graduation requirement.

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College Graduation Requirements

Colleges should not require students to do sixteen hours of community service in order to graduate because most students have full time jobs, families, and they already put so much academic work in for graduation. According to a study done by American Psychological Society it states that students who are forced to volunteer will probably be put off from volunteering later in life. ( This shows that being required to do community service may not always benefit.

First, most students have full time jobs to pay for their education. It is hard for them to schedule work around their school schedule. They have to be able to meet all their job requirements and appointments and find time to attend classes. Some students have jobs that may have unexpected meetings or deadlines. They then have to make work duties fit into their school schedules because without a job paying for it they cannot go attend school.

Second, having a family is a full time job in itself. If the students are married with children then they have a lot more responsibilities other than school. They have to tend to their family first and school last. They have to find time for family gatherings and activities. Furthermore, all students have housework duties regardless if they are married or single, whether it is laundry or dishes.

Finally, students already put so much work in for graduation. They did all the pre-recs for the degree they are going for. They put forth so much time and effort into studying and passing the classes that should be plenty for graduation not more work and effort. Most classes require students to have a B or higher in order to pass the class. Therefore, in order to achieve a B or higher they have...