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Case Study


Artistic Impressions Inc.


Janet Jones

Strategic Management 240


Ivy Felicia Martin

History, Development And Growth OF Artistic Impressions Inc.

Artistic Impressions Inc. sells home enhancements, primarily artwork and frames. The company is unique due to the way the paintings are sold. Sales consultants utilized the party method and direct selling as the approach in his or her home. The company is based in Illinois and employees are encompassed in forty states. Artistic Impressions was founded in 1985 under the leadership of Bart Breighner with only three employees. Breighner, currently the CEO, claims the title of entrepreneur, author, and sales motivator with over 25 years in the direct sales field. INC. magazine ranked the company one of the top 500 fastest growing companies twice! Artistic Impressions Inc. has achieved a growth of 962 percent in just five years. Realizing expansion provides more growth; Bart Breighner wants to capture the untapped Caucasian market.

Internal Strengths And Weaknesses

Distributors and sales consultants of African-American descent comprise the company at about ninety percent. Surprisingly enough so does the customer base in the same percentile. Sales and profits are strong in the African-American market. Expansion is now underway in the United States territory of Puerto Rico. The expansion is due to an influx of sales consultants in this region requesting religious art for their potential customers. The result is another market niche for Artistic Impressions. The direct sales method in the sales consultants home ensures long-term relationships with customers and provides personalized service. Bart Breighner's experience in the field of direct sales and motivation promises excellent training for employees and future recruitment opportunities.

However,Artistic Impressions Inc. as a whole has problem areas that need addressing to be able to move forward with expansion. The company is pursuing the Caucasian market...