This essay compares and contrast Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone.

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Benjamin and William


Benjami Disraeli was born in london the 21st of december of 1804. He studied en the

blsckheath and walthamstow school. He worked as servant until he was 27. In this time he

suffered great loses in the stock market. He tried to introduce himself in the parliment for

four times from 1832 to 1835. The first time in the radical party and the others in the tory

party. He tried to gain backup for his politic program, that is why he defended company

workers.A proyect he proposed was that everybody could vote but it wasent aproved.

Because the reform law was accepted he formed a solid government with a good

backup. He impulsed the legislation against the tendencies of the catholic church in the

rituals of the anglican church. Disraelis best achivement was with exterior policy in 1878

when he acted as representative plenipotecary of the britanic gov.

in Berlin where the

southeast europe boundaries were traced again after the the deafet of the turks agaist the



He was Great britains prime minister for four times. He was one of the most influencial

persons of Victorian england. He leaded the liberal party since 1867. As prime minister his

mayor acomplishments were: his first acomplishment was to avoid people from obsolete

restriccions. He prohibite the selling of comisions in the army and also introduced the secret

vote. He lead a program of public education for children but any ways he was replaced by


My conclusion, is that they were both very idealistic and inteligent persons that were of big importance in the british government althought they were rivals.