This essay compares and contrasts windows XP home edition and windows XP professional.

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The two operating systems that i will be comparing are the differences of Windows XP professional and Windows XP home edition.

Some of the things that the two operating systems share are the new user interface which makes it easy to find things easier and faster.

A more reliable foundation then previous windows so you can count on it being up and running. They both include windows media player for XP which plays virtually any type of media file you can find. THe network setup wizard helps you to easily connect and share computers, devices and the internet. Windows messenger so you can communicate with friends and family over the internet is also included. Advanced Laptop support includes cleartype supper, dualview and power management improvements so you can usually your laptop longer and more effectivly. Wireless connections are automaticly detected. Faster start-up and power management improvements. And also as the previous versions XP also allows multitasking.

THe internet connection firewell sheilds your PC from unauthorized access when your on the internet. Internet explorer 6 privacy support also. They both also include single worldwide binary support so you can enter text in any language and run any langauge version of windows 32 applications on any language version of xp. All of the above features are included by both but Professional has many more features which are not included in the home version and they are listed below. Windows XP professional edition supports remote desktop which allows you to remotely access your windows XP PC from another windows PC so you can work with all your data and applications while away from your office. Offline Files and folders allow you to access files and folders on a netwrok share when disconnected from the server. Professional also comes with scalable processor support so...