This essay is about comparing and contrasting the Athenians and the Spartans, the two most outstanding city-states of Greece

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Athens and Sparta were two most popular city-states of Ancient Greece. Athens was well known for its easygoing and peaceful atmosphere. On the other side, Sparta was strict and people were trained to become strong. Although they were situated fairly close one another, the citizens' lifestyles were enormously different. There were more differences than similarities between the rivals. They were both tough and able to obtain power over Greece however the ruling of the government system and the role of people among the two groups were extremely unlike.

The role of men and women between Athens and Sparta was one of the major differences. First of all, the Athenians lived a very plain life where boys were allowed to attend school. There, the boys from age five to eighteen learnt mathematics, reading and writing Latin, music, poetry and sports. The girls were taught how to weave and to draw. They stayed at home watching their mothers as well since they would become a housewife in the future.

The men stayed out in the public place as known as the polis or attended the assemblies that the government held. On the contrary, the Spartans had a straightforward habit of just training for battles. Men started their military training when they were seven years old until they were twenty while women and young girls went to school. Women were allowed to join the military as well. There was less racism between genders in Sparta than Athens. This also shows that the education of the two city-states differed since Athens' was to learn more knowledge and Sparta's was to gain more power physically. The role of people in Athens and Sparta differed and this greatly affected their lifestyle.

Another key dissimilarity was the way the government worked. Athens was ruled by direct democracy...