An essay comparing and contrasting the effects of a tropical storm in a MEDC country and a LEDC country

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All natural disasters cause havoc but one of the most common natural disasters are Hurricanes. They occur in both LEDC countries and MEDC countries.

The USA is an example of a MEDC country which copes with the mess and destruction a hurricane causes and Bangladesh is an LEDC country that has to cope with hurricanes.

However they both cope in entirely different ways due to one thing. Money.

The USA has enough money to afford expensive, accurate technology to track when a hurricane will arrive and where abouts the eye of it will hit. Also when a hurricane hits it causes buildings to fall just as in Bangladesh but the difference is the USA can afford to put right this damage in as little as 2 weeks. In Bangladesh on the other hand they don't have the technology to prevent or minimize the damage the tropical storms cause. All they can do is evacuate the area and hope the hurricane doesn't strike too badly.

Once it has struck they have to try and get on with what is left of their lives and try and rebuild their properties and families. In a LEDC country like Bangladesh this could take up to 30 whole years. This is because what people have in Bangladesh they have spent their whole lives building and all of their possessions mean a lot to them. In the USA they can just evacuate and if they loose their house in the storm it doesn't matter, they can just have another built for them.

This is why there are so many more deaths in Bangladesh. The people don't want to leave their belongings, family or homes because if they do they no that they will probably never see them again so they prefer to risk sitting out the...