This essay is concerned about training and development of a specific restaurant.

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Executive summary

This report is used to analyze the Rotot Sdn. Bhd., which is own by Mr. Gabriel and his business partners, training activities that are conducted currently. In this report does not only refer to the training program of the company, but also the trainers, trainees, training parameter and implements some of the proper training activities that have been analyze according to the theory and practical. After analyzing the training activities that have been done by the Rotot corporate, most of the training process was not properly done. For instance, the individual need assessment does not fully reflect to the needs of the trainees and trainer; secondly, the trainers don't implement the evaluation of the training after the training section. Hence, the employee turn over rate of this company is quite high. Furthermore, the company has never purchase any training program in the market, or hired expert or outside trainers to conduct the training.

This indicates that this company is zoomed into the experiences and current trend oriented and they believe an experiences trainer might have better ability than the training program that offered in the market (


In traditionally, the training and development activities of an organization not seem to be an important activity for the management. It is because it, most of the peoples who have run the management think that it can't help to create value and successfully deal with competitive challenges. But today the view of training and development has changed, more and more peoples believed that practice make perfect. Further more after the implementation of the western region or cultural had practicing in today society, most of the company's found out, by training and development can lead to efficiency and effectiveness in corporate world. A good training program must makes up with some...