An Essay Concerning The Creation of Government Using the early American texts (e.g., The Federalist Papers)

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Civilization, if not by definition then certainly out of necessity, mandates the existence of government if for no other reason than to protect the rights of citizens and to ensure a civilization's continued existence, if not, prosperity. So then, if a government exists solely because of necessity, should it not be the duty of any citizen to make it the best government possible within the limitations of humanity and human nature? Furthermore, ought not the purpose of any government be to protect its citizens by providing order, that is protecting property and preserving life (Janda, 7); to empower its citizens by protecting their freedom, that is, the rights of its citizens to do what they will within the confines of the law (Janda, 6); and to unite its citizens by providing a system of equality, that is a system where its citizens are guaranteed equal treatment by the law (Janda, 7)? Civilization, or society, exists and flourishes because of government.

However, to argue that all governments are beneficial to society is, for obvious reason, fraught with error. If government is partially responsible for a civilization's existence and civilization is partially responsible for a government's existence, then does government not have a responsibility to its citizens, and, in turn, does a society not have a responsibility to its government? That is to say, cannot the created require a certain amount of accountability from the creator? Is it not the creator's responsibility to do what is best for the creation? That is the task then, not only to determine what is best for the creation, the society, the civilization, the government, but also to determine how each best serves the other given the limitations of a society. Furthermore, it is also the task to determine "whether individual men and women will have...