This essay is about the cons on gun controling.

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What is your take on gun control? This is the big question that has been troubling America for years. Some people say we should get tougher laws on gun control. Others think we should take guns away completely. I think we should keep guns around. We have very extensive laws right now and I feel they are adequite, but some people want to go as far as taking them away. They argue that too many children are dieing, but this is a result of irresponsibility. They also argue that crime is higher because of handgun sales to criminals, 95% of criminals say it is dumb to buy a gun from a store and they could get one in a day. In this speech I will give you many facts on gun control and why we should keep things the way they are.

Like I said, there is a problem with crime and accidental shootings involving children playing with guns.

Some people say the solution is to take away the guns. Yes that would work, but then all the responsible citizens would be without guns and only the criminals would have them. They also say that taking away guns would take away crime, but studies show that when handgun sales go up, crime stays the same. 95% of criminals don't even buy their guns from stores. Jay Rawlins, convicted murderer was quoted in saying," anyone who buys their guns from a store is stupid and willing to get caught". Most criminals can't buy a gun from a store anyway, because of the extensive laws we have. Taking away guns from Americans is even a violation of the constitution's bill of rights. If they violated the constitution what would be next. The government should target the criminals instead of the law-abiding...