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The purpose of this essay is to outline and critically evaluate contemporary urban regeneration strategies and how they contribute towards developing tourism and economic regeneration, whilst meeting the cultural needs and improving the indigenous populations' standard of life.

Urban regeneration can be defined as a "comprehensive and integrated vision and action which leads to the resolution of urban problems and which seeks to bring about a lasting improvement in the economic, physical, social and environmental condition of an area that has been subject to change" (Roberts, 2000). Rob Furbey, an urban sociologist critically examined the phrase 'regeneration', which in Latin means 'rebirth', carrying a series of Judaeo-Christian associations of being born again. (Jones & Evans, p.2, 2008)However the above definition only highlights the key considerations in relation to urban regeneration. In order to gain a greater understanding, it is important to break down urban regeneration into more detailed parameters. (Roberts 2000)Urban regeneration strategies were created as an initial response to the post- war decline of cities due to inequality and high rates of crime, poverty and unemployment (M.K.

Smith, 2007).

Various policy and strategy documents for urban regeneration points to regeneration as being mainly associated with economic development, measured in employment creation, multiplier effects or visitor expenditure (M.K. Smith, 2007).

_____________________________________________________________________Jones, P., and Evans, J., "Urban Regeneration in the UK", Sage Publications LTD, LONDON, (2008) pp 2, 64-65Roberts, Peter. "The Evolution, Definition, and Purpose of Urban Regeneration" From Roberts, Peter and Sykes, Hugh., Urban Regeneration: A Handbook, Sage Publications LTD, (2000), pp 9-36Smith, M.K., "Tourism, Culture, and Regeneration", Cromwell Press, Towbridge, CABI International, (2007)It is crucial to highlight that although economic input is vital there are also other key factors which are needed in order for a city to bring around lasting improvement.

Culture plays a major role in urban...