This essay is a contrast of the Odyssey and The Psalms.

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The Odyssey VS The Psalms

The Odyssey and The Book of Psalms are masterpieces composed orally as poetry during the Bronze Age, and then written down centuries later. Although they both express timeless human feelings, they are essentially different works. The Odyssey presents Ancient Greek culture where as Psalms presents ancient Hebrew culture.

God demonstrates consistency in his loyalty thought out Psalms. The Psalmist writes, "Those who trust in the Lord are steady as Mount Zion, unmoved by any circumstance"{Psalms125}. The Psalmist says that the secret to consistencies is to trust in God because he never changes and will keep us steady and secure. Another example is in Psalms 33: "For God's words are right, and everything he does is worthy of our trust." The Psalmist says if you trust what God says, it is because you trust him as the God he claims to be. If you doubt his words, you doubt the integrity of God himself.

Last but not least, a Psalmist writes "But his own plan stands forever his inventions are the same for every generation." The Psalmist is saying God's plan stands forever, and that God is completely trustworthy. His inventions never change; there is a promise that good and perfect gifts come to us from the creator who never changes.

Odyssey's crew shows very inconsistent loyalty for Odysseus like in this parable "Nine days and nights we sailed without event, till the tenth we raised our land. We neared it, and saw men building fires along the shore; but now, being weary to the bone, I fell into a deep slumber; I had worked the sheet nine days alone, and had given it to no one, wishing to spill no wind on the homeward run. But while I slept, the crew began to parley; silver...