This essay covers different aspects of censorship such as school sex censorship, book censorship and even library censorship. Includes references and standard MLA

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In today's plethora of the information age, censorship has become a prime issue for debate and concern in arenas such as books, music, the media and especially, the Internet. The role of Governmental Censorship is an ever-evolving one where one must pose the question of who is in control? As a result, censorship is a very controversial topic in which not many maintain a neutral stance. The difficulty lies in being able to establish a boundary in which civil rights are guaranteed while at the same time maintaining some parameters to define what is and what is not acceptable for the public to be exposed to. Many believe that censorship restricts free speech and does the First Amendment guarantee a direct violation of the rights. While others feel that unfortunately, censorship has become a necessary evil in order to protect and preserve the basic morals of society. It is this paradoxical view of censorship that contributes to the ambiguity surrounding it.

There are many viewpoints consider. Viewpoints are the core essence of how one perceives what should be censored and what should not be censored.

It is very pertinent to understand the nature of viewpoints. One must always first and foremost consider the viewpoints of others. Opposing viewpoints offer a window of reasoning that has not been predetermined. In order to take another viewpoint seriously one must always respect the opposing viewpoint even if it is not a professional one, otherwise there is no system of checks and balances to compare against. In the process, this will allow for an open forum of communication or debate in which all theories are tested, which is how laws come into existence. . Censorship allows for a controlled flow of this chaos. Censorship is not a new concept.


Censorship began as...