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The Struggle for Decolonization

By the end of World War II many colonies that had been under the influence of British and French rule wanted there independence from the imperial powers. The idea of decolonization, the resign of all colonial possessions by imperial powers, spread throughout Asia, India, and Africa. Decolonization contributed to the global political transformation after World War II. Imperial powers lost their control bringing fourth the uprising of new independent states. The end of imperialist rule was one of the biggest outcomes of World War II. More than ninety nations gained their independence between the end of World War II and 1980. Among those to receive their independence was India and Africa. Before and after the war India attempted to end the British rule that controlled them. Likewise, Africa tried to end the French rule that had governed there country for years. Both countries eventually gained their independence which resulted in many unnecessary deaths.

India took a non-violent approach to gain their independence, unlike Africa who chose to use violence.

Mohandas Gandhi is credited with leading India to independence. Ghandi took on a non-violent approach to led the people of India to protest non-violently for their freedom. In April of 1919, Gandhi called for the people of India whom wanted their independence from Britain to participate in a nationwide halt, from their work place to protest peacefully (Bentley 1027). The peaceful protest was ended when the British police started arresting people and beating them in the heads with their batons . Gandhi was arrested and spent 6 months in jail, which did not stop him from demanding India's freedom (Bentley 1027). Ghandi gained many followers who also believed in non-violence. In 1919 in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, 379 peaceful demonstrators were killed by the...