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Same Sex Schools

A young girl walks down the hall of her elementary school, smiling at all of the familiar faces. Her school is perfect, except for the fact that she is deprived the chance to smile at the face of one from the opposite sex. At the elementary and high school level, private single sex schools still exist. In the last few years there has been a resurgence of the support for single sex schools and classrooms at the elementary and high school levels (O'Reily 1). The Bush Administration is considering opening more single sex schools and funds to make those institutions possible. Bush recently signed an education bill called "Leave No Child Behind (Toppo)." The new law allows school districts with single sex schools to compete for a small portion of $450 million for innovative programs. It also states that the school districts can receive federal dollars for single-sex schools and classes if comparable coursework and facilities are available to both genders.

With single sex education a child is being left behind. It can be hard to understand why many organizations and individuals believe that single sex education is a good idea. Research on single sex education is open for much doubt, most of the research is inconclusive. Single sex schools might have more order than co-ed schools due to the fact that there would be no gender differences. There is no solid proof that single sex schools have a higher achievement rate than co-ed schools. More single sex schools are not the best move on the part of the Bush Administration and is a factor that needs to be reconsidered.

The research that has been conducted on single-sex schools versus co-ed schools is inconclusive, some of the research that has been done contradicts each other. There has...