This essay is an creative writing assignment about how life was between 1770 and 1774.

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Dear Aunt Sally

I am deeply sorry I have not written to you for such a long time. It has been eleven long years since we have last chatted. Ever since you moved back to Virginia things have gone a little out of hand. I am no longer a young boy, but a fully grown adult soon to reach 22 in the coming month. I am still living at home with my Mom and Dad, in the same little apartment over the butchers shop in Boston. Except now my bed is being used by a British soldier named Chester, who already over stayed his welcome years ago. Life is not easy; I bust my chaps left and right working close to nothing at the old print shop. As tight as money is right now, I can not afford to keep feeding Chester, as he does nothing all day long but drink tea.

If that is not bad enough, I now have to work twice as hard since Pa got sick with small pox. Hopefully he will be better next Wednesday after he visits the doctor to get his sick blood drained. Although I can not complain about my job it has many good benefits, for example I usually find out any news before any one else does. Anyway enough about me let me tell you a couple things you might not know about.

A couple years back, I met a swell lad; I believe his name was Samuel Adams. He really inspired me to stand up for what I believe in. Not only that but since I work at the printing press he really wanted me to join his posse with him. A couple drinks later, I was fully part of the Sons of Liberty. That is what we...