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In the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, one of the main characters, John Proctor goes through many internal conflicts. He struggles between love and hate, life and death, and evil and good. John Proctor tries to make the best decision he possibly can but sometimes other people sway his decisions.

John's first internal conflict has to deal with adultery. John is well like by most people in Salem, especially the women and especially Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams is about 17 years old and is known as the town trollop. She is the type of the girls that gets anything and anybody she wants. Abigail likes John and wants to be with him and tempts him to leave his wife Elizabeth Proctor. John cannot resist the temptation of Abigail Williams and commits the sin of adultery. "I know how you clutched my back.......loved me than and you do now."

John knows what he did was wrong and immoral.

John's second internal conflict has to deal with adultery again. After John's wife Elizabeth Proctor finds out about Johns first encounter with Abigail Williams she does not have sex with him for seven months. It is sort of like a punishment for John after being with Abigail. After not having sex for seven months John is tempted again by Abigail. This quote shows what Abigail says to John. "Give me a word, John. A soft word." John knowing what happened last time, had enough strength and enough love for his wife he did not commit adultery again. As you can tell from this quote how passionate John is about not being with Abigail again.

Probably the most important internal conflict that John Proctor is fighting is the one between good and evil and life and death. John Proctor is charged by...