This essay deals with the concept of 'reinventions' and its relevance in texts such as 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel and 'Lord of the Flies' by Golding.

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'Reinvention' is an extremely broad term and can be used to refer to a number of things. To a post-modern ear, the concept doesn't appear to have much depth or scope. However with the recent study of certain various texts relating to 'Reinventions,' one discovers that the term has deeper resonances than initially expected. This essay will be a discussion of only a small number of the forms of 'reinvention,'namely reinvention of beliefs, values and perspectives, physical reinvention, and a reinvention of self and their relation to a number of selected texts, including Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

A very common form of 'reinvention' is reinvention of beliefs, values and perspectives. These are related because a reinvention of values or beliefs ultimately affect ones perspectives and vice versa. In Life of Pi, Pi undergoes a number of changes in relation to his beliefs and perspectives. Pi states on page 206 that while stranded on the lifeboat for 200+ days, "my behavior was not an act of insanity or a covert suicide attempt, but a simple necessity."

This quote highlights the fact that we are often forced into reinvention of our self and our perspectives involuntarily and primarily due to external forces such as our situation and circumstances. Pi is essentially forced into reinvention in order to adapt to maximize his chances for survival.

Even before his ordeal involving the sinking of the Tsimsum, Pi, through his own choosing, wishes to become a part of the Islamic and Christian faiths as well as remaining a Hindu. This previously unseen act presented not only a reinvention of Pi's beliefs, however it also reinvented the readers ideologies about the nature of religions and religious beliefs. This conversion is brought about by Pi's search of God and of meaning. Initially a Hindu,