The essay is about the democrats and their ideals before the civil war.

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"Reform movements in the united states sought to expand democratic ideals"

Between the years of 1825 and 1860 several reform movements were taking

place. These movements brought with them some extraordinary people with some rather revolutionary ideas. The major reform movements that broadened our democratic ideals were the slavery reforms, and women suffrage movements.

Many people worked on abolishment of slavery and bringing about women's rights. They used numerous methods to do so. The likes of Harriet Stowe, Eliza Lovejoy, Fredrick Douglas, Wendell Phillips, Sarah and angel.grinke wrote books and editorials. Those who could not read or write like Sojourner Truth, were traveling preachers. They did their work through preaches trying to motivate the slaves and the women to see the injustice being done to them.

These reformers were from different positions in the society. Wendell Phillips was from a high class. He attended the Harvard University of law where as Sojourner Truth was a former slave who was out to see that others don't go through what she went through and to keep her promise to God.

Phillips also turned out to be the governor of Massachusetts. Sarah and Angelina Grinke became Quakers. People from different stratas of society coming together for a common cause was something never seen in those days. It was a breakthrough for revolution.

Women were not allowed to preach...women preached and were heard, slaves were not even allowed to address anyone other than a slave but people listened to them and reacted to their preaching. Especially Sojourner Truth. She used to get in front of people and preach openly about women's rights and slaves rights. Her most famous speeches are "Ain't I a woman" and "keeping the going while things are stirring".

William garrison was a liberator and was anti slavery.