This essay descibes issues to consider when doing international business with Japan.

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When doing international business there are lots of things to consider. For instance the language of the other country can cause certain issues. It is impossible to do business if you cannot communicate. You should learn about the other countries social, culture, economics, legal, and political values. Social trends have to do with education, entertainment, population, and language. Culture deals with religion, employment, beliefs, informality, punctuality, and equality. The economy basically changes with the world events going on at that time. The legal system explains how certain countries deal with problems in their country. The court system varies throughout each country. Politics describe the government in a country. All of these should be considered thoroughly when doing international business.

The social trends in the United States and Japan are quite similar. Both countries have the same amount of education. Japan picked up on our school system and decided to change their school system to be more like ours.

They attend school for twelve years, but call their schooling by different names. The U.S. uses names like elementary, junior high, and high schools. Japan on the other hand uses elementary, lower- secondary, and upper-secondary. In Japan only 94 percent continue schooling after lower-secondary school. Both the U.S. and Japan enjoy newspapers, Television, and the radio. Japan was the very first country to start reality tv shows. These were shows consisting of real life people doing normal things, not acting. There is a very big difference in population of about 291 billion people, and Japan has about 128 million people. Languages spoken in the U.S. can vary, but English is the dominant language. In Japan the dominant language is Japanese.

Culture should also be considered when doing business, so that the other country does not get offended. Religion varies between the two...