This essay describes how the actions that Napoleon took benefited his country.

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Napoleon Bonaparte's Revolutionary Reign

Before the French Revolution, the citizens of France were belittled by the unorganized laws of the monarchy. Lead by the bourgeois, the public attempted to reach for change and furthermore catalyzing the French Revolution. Little did France know, their efforts would be stopped, and a young Corsican ambitious military student would revise their problems. The bloody revolution worked in Napoleon Bonaparte favor and rapidly gained him high ranks in the military. In 1799 Napoleon officially brought the French Revolution to an end. His quick mind and ambitious desires contributed to the strong legacy of the Napoleonic Empire of France. Because of Napoleon Bonaparte's great feats and accomplishments, his rise to power earned France a great military reign and a stronger economy, thus revitalizing the country after the harsh revolution.

The beginning of Napoleon's legacy was launched in accordance to a few military victories and smart decisions.

Since his boyhood life was preparing Napoleon for his grand position he was to hold later on. He was ambitious, intellectual, exhibited strong leadership qualities, and had an ever-lasting interest in military. He studied and read the tactics and findings of Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Napoleon attended French military academies from the age of nine and was commissioned in the French army as second lieutenant of the artillery at the age of sixteen. Despite his quick rise in military ranks one event allowed Napoleon to begin rising to power. In 1795, Napoleon was in Paris when angry mobs there tried to attack the ruling National Convention at the royal palace; he defended the palace with cannon fire and quickly ended the mob. After this feat, Napoleon was promoted to major general. Napoleon continued to prove himself through his victories in Italy and Egypt.

Along with his rise...