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Berlin, WI was founded in 1846, when a road was needed to go from Fond du Lac to Stevens Point with the most positive possibility for a Fox River crossing. Berlin became a supplier of goods and services for developing farmland. The population of this small town grew from 250 in1850 to 5366 in the 1990's with various ethnic groups. New York-New England settlers were the first group joined later by Germans, Irish, Polish, and Welsh. The town soon became a town of various religious and educational institutions, and distinct patterns within the neighborhoods. (Berlin Chamber of Commerce, 2008). The only problem with this town from the day it was founded until present day is that it is a majority of White ethnic groups and has not had much introduction to other races.

Most everyone in the town is similar in looks other than color. There are varying races and ethnicities that make groups stand apart.

According to the Website for the U.S. Census Bureau (2000), the total population is 8,588 and there were 10,299 ancestries reported. Among the highest percentage were German at 50.6 percent, Polish at 18.4 percent, and Irish at 9 percent. Other ancestries were 8.2 percent with the other listed ancestries being at 5.2 percent and below. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). Just from looking around the community the majority of the race in town is of White ethnicities. Other noticeable groups are Hispanic and Asian. The greatest minority in the town of Berlin is the African American group.

The leaders within the community can be viewed as treating everyone equally. In the hospitals there are signs in various languages including English, Spanish, and Hmong since those are the most common ethnic groups in the town. I have however, not seen any organizations that really...