THis essay describes what pop art is adn how it is used.

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Pop Art is a 20th century art movement that highlights the imagery and popular culture. Pop art developed in the late1950's as a reaction against Abstract Expressionism and flourished in the sixties and early seventies. Pop Art favored the everyday objects, such as burgers, comic strips and advertisements.

The movement eliminated distinctions between "good" and "bad" taste and between fine art and commercial art techniques. Pop Art developed primarily in the United States and Britain. In the US, it was linked to the wealth and prosperity of the post World War II era, and artists of the movement responded to the nation's consumer society.

Pop Art in Britain was less brash, and had a more nostalgic flavor. Richard Hamilton's famous work, Just What Is It that Makes Today's Home so Different, "so Appealing?" is considered by many to be the first Pop piece because of its many references to popular culture and consumerism.

Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg were some of the first Pop artists in America, and used popular imagery such as the American flag and beer cans in their paintings, prints, collages and "combines".

Andy Warhol is known for his silk-screens of both famous people and everyday objects, while Roy Lichtenstein employed a comic strip illustrative style in his paintings. The leading Pop artists in Britain included David Hockney, R.B. Kitaj, and Allen Jones.