This essay describes how the thought police in George Orwell's book "1984" controlled the population.

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In the book "1984", the city has a fascist government controlled by "Big Brother". Big Brother controls the population by imposing ridiculous rules on his party members so that they cannot be free thinkers and he will be able to stay in power forever. There are three "sacred" principles of ingsoc, these are newspeak, doublethink, and mutability of the past. Newspeak is how the government controls the way people talk. The government imposes a new dictionary often, and they constantly remove unneeded words from it. By doing this, they will eventually make it so that nobody can ever talk bad about the party. Doublethink is a concept that the government uses to control how its party members think. Doublethink is the ability for a person to believe two contradictory ideas at the same time, and eventually believe the false idea as the truth because it is forced onto them.

Doublethink makes it so that the people will always think that Big Brother is right.

The government is constantly brainwashing all of its people, including the children so that they will live for Big Brother. Mutability of the past is a concept that Big Brother uses to have total control of the past. He can change history so that he has always been around and he invented all of the things that the party needs to survive. Mutability of the past also is a way to control how the people of the city think because if they never knew the world any other way, then they would not know that it was possible for life to be better. Big Brother tells the people that in the past, life was much worse, and since he came around, all of their lives have improved. In reality, none of the...