A essay describing the faults and flaws in evolutionary theory and the alternative explantion. Titled: "Can Evolution Explain Anything?"

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Evolution has long been one of the most hotly debated subjects in science. Since Darwin's Origin Of The Species, this issue has gone through several steps to become what it is today. At first the theory was almost completely based on natural selection, or the survival of the fittest if you will. This, however, is just one of the issues in which the evolutionary theory of today deals with. Other important points, such as comparisons of genetic makeup, are founding blocks of evolution as we know it today.

Most scientists state evolution as fact and will not admit to the mere possibility that there is a supernatural force behind the universe's creation or its advancement therein. Creationists on the other hand, are not willing to admit to the possibility that everything was created and advanced by chemical reactions and genetic mutations. There is a standstill on the front lines of this critical issue.

This report will go through several of the major issues and show flaws in the evolutionary theory using strictly scientific arguments and proof. Evolution is a popular myth circulated only because it is the only alternative to a supernatural act of creation.

One of the biggest holes in the theory of evolution is actually the first step, the creation of the first cell. The theory of evolution states that the first cell arose from a primordial soup that the early earth was covered in. Mixtures of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen, among others, supposedly created this rich organic soup. These basic elements underwent, through the superheating ability of lightening, chemical changes. These changes caused the elements to go from just elements to organic material. This is testable and has been proven with lab experiments. However, there is a very large jump from organic material to an actual living...