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In the article, “Revolution in Manners and Morals”, author Frederick Lewis Allen describes in detail the post WWI era, and women’s roles and expectations in society. After prohibition had taken effect and groups of progressives tried to change the structure of America, many people that were against these new ideas emerged. Hate groups became more critical of Americans structure, and tried to cleanse the poisons that had earlier been practiced like prostitution, drinking, and gambling. But this of course was very impossible to do.

The “Manners and Morals” of America had seemed to be very poor. In this era of post war, women had also broken out of their usual place and started pushing the envelope to see what things they could now do that were not approved of. The idea of sex had become a much more common thought in peoples lives, and along with this women saw their opportunity to shine and show more skin.

"the American woman . . . has lifted her skirts far beyond any modest limitation," this quote found by allen from a fashion writer of the New York Times. The common expectations and stereotypes of women being good, and marrying the perfect man and having perfect kids had soon diminished. Young women had started to sneak out of the house and go out with boys and have sex.

Other times, women would go out drinking which was illegal and unapproved of. New fast dance music like jazz had quickly popularized and this became a big attraction for young men and women. Now couples were dancing close and kissing more often. New changes in women’s apparel had started to emerge. The short skirt was introduced, but local laws required the length to not exceed 9 inches. Sometimes even shin bones and knees were...