This Essay is about a Difficult Decision regarding abortion in which many young teenagers have to face today.

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In this paper I am trying to talk about why people choose the choices they make.

My main point is that sometimes at the age of 17 you do not have the wisdom to make certain choices or even the right choice.

My experience in writing this paper was difficult to actually go back to the past and write it all down on paper, because two people know about my life growing up and the choices I had to make, whether they were good or bad, but I had their support and am still friends with them and speak to them on a regular basis, they are like the sisters I never had.

The only person I had help from in writing this paper was Professor-------, she helped me with my introduction and some corrections. And I appreciated any extra input she tried to help me with.

"Difficult Decision"

Life hands you certain situations that you are faced with and forces you to make difficult decisions. At the age of seventeen I had to make the most terrible and heart wrenching decision to have an abortion. I was not prepared to make a decision that would change my life.

That particular time in my life was a very difficult one, because I had no one to talk to or confide in. When I was fifteen my mom passed away suddenly and I was forced to live with my aunt and her husband, which didn't work out. They didn't have any children and her husband and I had many issues, and I left and stayed at a friend's house until the welfare department found me and shipped me to a group home out in Staten Island at the age of sixteen. My boyfriend at the time came to...