This essay dipicts the first Victory in the French revlution, It discribes the events that took place during the attack on the Bastille

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Today July 14th 1789 the people triumphed over the despotism and oppression that is the French government. The Bastille has been over taken by the people and for the people. The Bastille will now undoubtedly be used as the main source for supplies for the French revolution. Holding fifteen cannons, six hundred musketoons, twelve rampart muskets with over fifteen thousand cartridges and twenty thousand pounds of powder.

After determining the threat that the Bastille's cannons had been aimed St. Antoine Street the people decided to take action. Two men armed with axes attacked the guardhouse and tried to lower the first drawbridge by breaking the chains. The soldiers in the fortress threatened to open fire if they did not stop. The men would not surrender however heroically they continued and eventually lowered the drawbridge.

The men then continued on trying to lower the second drawbridge. Their attempted was meet by gunfire from the thirty-two Swiss soldiers.

This attempt was followed by more and these attempts were halted be more gunfire. For more than four hours this slaughter continued without end.

When French Guards appeared with cannons it seemed that the Bastille would remain under government control. This was not the case however the Guards had come to aid the attack on the Bastille. Realizing that their defenses could now be overtaken, the defenders insisted de Launay surrender. But instead of surrendering, de Launay threatened to blow up the fortress. Without de Launay's consent the soldiers razed the white flag. With the agreement that no harm would come to them they would withdraw from the fortress.

The agreement could not be kept several Swiss soldiers were killed by the mob on their exit from the Bastille. De Launay had his throat cut on the steps of the...