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There were many discourses that were evidently operating within the film, "The Dish." It is specifically set in the summer of 1969, during the age of the space race period. This film looks directly at the space projects created by America and Australia's involvement in Apollo Elevens first manned voyage to the moon.

Through the use of these discourses, combined with the connotations associated with these, we are truly able to find the under pinning values that are still evident in today's Australian Society. It shows the typical traits of the Australian stereotype through the use of mateship, perseverance and a genuine laid back approach to the situations at hand.

One aspect that was clearly evident within the film was the discourse of technology. In a world that is dependent on technology, it is no surprise that this was such a large part of this movie.

From the very beginning, we observe that technology is the overriding discourse. The use of this discourse is critical, as we see that it is used to actually portray real events to add to the film's success. Though at times, the detail incorporated to backup some machinery and computerised equipment could have been expanded, the film generally flowed. In combination with this discourse, there was also the portion of science operating. This discourse mainly occurred through the tensions between the Australian team and the representative scientists from NASA. It gave us a good insight into the 'real' scientist. As we observe that scientists as more or less normal people with families, interests outside work and the desire to make a difference in society. Cliff Buxton (Sam Neil) best sums this discourse up in the quote, "This is science's chance to be daring." In saying this, it brings our...