This essay discribes discrimination and other things releated to it and what it is.

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Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group based on certain reasons. An example of discrimination is like people making fun of you because of your weight, how much money your parents are making or how much you have.

People might discriminate you or someone else because they might be jealous of what someone has or what they're getting. It can also be caused by a group of people being rich so they make fun of people who don't have as much money as them, so they make that person feel bad.

Another reason might be is because people are making fun of this person so that person thinks that they should make fun of other people for other or same reasons or make fun of the people who are making fun of him/her.

My feelings towards this topic is it should stop! It should stop because its making people feel bad and there is really no sense into it.

Plus it lowers the persons self-esteem and makes them feel negative about there self. When Adolph Hitler killed all of those innocent Jews it just didn't make sense for some person to kill others because they don't have the same beliefs. They were killed by getting gassed to death and getting murdered. The people who killed the Jews were Nazi soldiers who really had no choice because Hitler was the head of Germany and they had to obey


Those are my thoughts and feeling towards discrimination.