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There are many cases that deal with discrimination, some of them have hard facts the there was discrimination and others don't. Wilbert Wu Wong, someone who just came to Canada recently wanted place for him and his wife to stay in. Chintan Patel was the owner of King Shepard's Complex's and some apartments vacant. Wong called Patel on the phone to set up a meeting and was told he would most likely get a place and he met al the expectations. When Wong went to go meet Patel, and when he met with Patel, Patel had a shocked look on his face and said you sound different on the phone. Patel told Wong that he would not be getting a place. Clearly this is a case of discrimination. This is case of discrimination because Patel had 4 vacant apartments and with in 4 days they were full. Secondly Wong met all the expectations, he had more than enough income to get the place.

Lastly when Wong went to meet Patel, Patel said himself that he sounded different on the phone.

Four vacant apartments were full in less than four days. Wong called Patel on august 17th, 2004 the same day he saw the ad in the newspaper. It takes longer than four days for an apartment to get full because you must go through paper work, so clearly Patel lied about that. It is unlikely that bewteen the days in wich Wong called Patel, all four apartments were full. There are many thigns that Patel needs to checxk befroe etting someone rent an appartment, like there histroy, becuase anyone cna lie but he needs to go and do a back ground check and to see if what the perosn is telling him is true. Another point that comes to mind...