The essay discusses the Sturmabteilung (SA)paramilitary group, Hitler and Roehm during World War I

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The Sturmabteilung (SA) was a loosely organized paramilitary group that formed around different political parties during World War I. After Hitler and the Socialist party were unsuccessful in overthrowing the government in 1923, the SA became inactive. When the Great Depression started to spread Hitler made the SA active again, and got Ernst Roehm to lead it. Later on, Hitler wanted to gain control of the political party, so he had to get rid of Ernst Roehm so he could take over. He wanted to gain military support and he wanted to eliminate the SA. The three main factors in the purge of the SA and Roehm were: Hitler's impatience, the trust Hitler had in Ernst Roehm, and the political issues involved with the SA, Hitler, and Roehm.

Hitler's impatience was a factor in the purge of the SA and Roehm. In group A, document one; it talks about Hitler knowing what Roehm wanted.

They had to produce a new discipline, and system of organization. The generals never bring up any new ideas, and everything Hitler knows about military matters, he learned from Roehm. Hitler wants things to run their course; he expects a miracle, an army, all complete and ready. In group D, document one, the picture shows how angry Hitler has become. One of the men of the so-called "Third Reich", Gobbels, has taken a back seat to Hitler. He is afraid, and peers at the world from under Hitler's legs. The other man, Goring, is on Hitler's side. He helps Hitler scare and bully everyone. All of the men are scared and have surrendered to Hitler. They hold their hands up in defeat. The paper on the floor shows all of Hitler's unkept promises. He promised the people many things but never delivered on most of...