This essay disproves that "Cheating is always wrong" and "there is an absolute reality"

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Definition of cheat:

·To elude by or as if by outwitting

·To get something for the betterment of yourself, even at the expense of another

Improving performance in sports by the following:

·Endurance/Weight training


·Medicines to enhance performance from places such as GNC

These all are acceptable ways of "cheating" by giving yourself or another person an edge in a sporting event. This is cheating because by definition it is doing something for profit or betterment of you. By doing these things, it gives you an advantage over others in the world of sports. Then again everyone is expected to lift weights and do things to enhance your performance, thus giving an unfair advantage to the person or team that is training. The expense comes at the fact that the other team might not have these kinds of medicinal enhancers to level the playing field, or they may not be able to take them due to certain side effects and allergies that might persist.

This is deception for the purpose of gaining an advantage to win, but this is not considered cheating in the sporting world.

Is cheating death wrong? Is it better to die or to try to save your own self from dying? This example of cheating death is usually not only encouraged, but it is praised if one does in fact "cheat death." Does this mean that dying is preferred instead of trying to live because one is in fact eluding death? By eluding, one tries to get out of dying by struggling to survive. In this case, the outwitting comes from the medicines that are generated from the minds of scientists to fight the disease or bacteria causing one to die. Using technology or intelligence, the virus is defeated. Should one stop taking medicine in...