An essay disputing the Intelligent Design theory

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Intelligent Design is a theory put forward by some people who believe that science proves that God exists. The Intelligent Design theory states that the universe could not exist as we know it, and that life could not have evolved without an intelligent force to design them. According to Intelligent Design theory, there are too many highly improbable scientific coincidences that had to come together to make life possible. People who believe in the Intelligent Design theory don't believe that all those coincidences could have come together by chance alone. They believe that an intelligent force, or a God, must have intervened to create a universe that could give rise to life. They don't believe in a God that is particularly interested in mankind, or one that answers prayers or performs miracles. Their God fixed the values of the laws of physics that enabled life to evolve. I think that there are many flaws with this theory, and I just can't make myself believe it.

Examples of the scientific coincidences Intelligent Design theory relies upon include:

"h If the force of gravity was stronger than it is, the Universe would have collapsed long ago and life would not have had enough time to evolve. If the force of gravity was even slightly weaker, the stars and planets would never have even formed in the first place.

"h The stronger nuclear force is the glue that holds the nucleus of atoms together. If it were even slightly weaker, it would not be strong enough to bind positively charged protons together, overcoming their natural desire to repel each other. If the strong nuclear force was any stronger than it actually is, only hydrogen atoms could exist.

These examples illustrate Intelligent Design theory's basic point: that if the

basic forces...